Journey Into Power...a 60 minute vigorous , powerful, strength based flow class, consisting of 53 poses linked together with breath practiced in a heated room. This sequence is designed to help you find and encourage you to explore your edge. All poses can be modified to accommodate any level of experience or ability.

Yin Yoga...this hour long class is the perfect opportunity to slow things down a bit. By using props and longer holds, the body is able to relax and release stored tension. Reach a new level of love with this chance to chill.

Slow Flow…A slower paced class with a focus on breath, mindful movement and alignment. Appropriate for all levels.

Ashtanga…’a series of poses executed in a swift succession, combined with deep, controlled breathing’. The same sequence will be performed every week to help build a personal routine outside of the studio, as well as strengthen the connection between breath and movement. All levels welcome.

Sunday Service (slow flow...ish)...a mellow vinyasa based class with longer holds and Sunday morning swagger.

YINyasa…This 75 minute class starts with vinyasa based flow and winds down with yin…stretchy and chill. Accessible to all levels.

Hatha…”willful; forceful”…a set of asanas meant to challenge the physical body and open the energetic channels within. Slower flows and static holds are the primary focus. All levels welcome. A great class for those looking to dive deeper into specific poses and proper alignment.

Gentle Yoga…A soft, slow, low intensity approach to yoga for all levels and body types. Chill out & tune in as you develop awareness of mind, body, breath & spirit through this relaxing and meditative practice. 

Restorative Yoga…Recharge with this passive, fully supported practice focused on total relaxation, meditation and releasing stress. Props (blankets, bolsters & blocks) will be used to encourage deep relaxation & support students in long held postures. 

Y12SR…The Yoga of 12 Step Recovery…a relapse prevention program based in the yoga sutras (heyam duhkam anagatam; future suffering can be avoided). Y12SR is a 12 step based addiction recovery model paired with yoga philosophy and practice that combine the ancient wisdom of yoga with the practical tools of the 12 step programs. It is open to ANYONE dealing with their own addictive behavior or affected by the addictive behavior of others. This class is donation based.

Reiki...Private session...this  ancient Japanese healing modality is focused on strengthening the energy system and reducing stress. Some benefits of Reiki include; pain relief, strengthening spiritual connection, mental clarity, improves sleep, relieves depression, improves self-esteem and self-awareness and many more.